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Landlord & tenant Law

Landlord & Tenant Law

The Jones Group DC represents both landlords and tenant in the District of Columbia.  Both parties have interests that should be protected and enforced. Landlords provide a much needed service and tenants should receive a service that affords them safe, habitable and sanitary conditions where their families can live peacefully. 


When problems arise, our firm is prepared to assist either party in enforcing their rights under the law.  Our approach is to provide both guidance and practical advice with a focus on enforcing lease agreements by both parties.

The Jones Group DC, PLLC serves:

  • Small landlords

  • Tenants

  • Experienced real estate investors

  • Property management companies

  • Commercial landlords

  • Community & condo associations

The District of Columbia Superior Court's website has important information regarding the process of bringing a lawsuit as well as defending a lawsuit in Landlord/Tenant Court.


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The Jones Group DC's commitment is to provide personal, "hands on" service by having direct contact with our clients. Your first meeting will be with Ms. Jones, not an administrator or legal assistant. Contact us today to schedule a free comprehensive case evaluation.

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