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05. General Civil Litigation

General Civil Litigation

When you enter into a business contract, you and the other party or parties are legally bound to fulfill the obligations therein. When one party fails to do so without a lawful excuse, the contract in question has been breached.  A breach can occur if the terms of the contract are not met on time, are not in accordance with the spelled-out requirements, or are not met at all. No matter which party breaches the contract, the other party is entitled to financial compensation. 


You can claim a breach of contract if you have a valid contract in effect, either written or oral. Three elements can help determine if a valid contract exists:

  • An Offer exists: discussion and agreement that goods or services would be provided in exchange for something valuable. There must also be the intention to start a contract or agreement.

  • The parties Acceptance of the offer: agreement to said terms between parties, which can easily be proven through a written contract.

  • Some Consideration was given to show acceptance: each party much have gotten something valuable from the other party to show a contract is being entered.


If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we can help you. For a reasonable fee, The Jones Group DC will prepare a persuasive legal demand letter to the opposing party making him/her aware in no uncertain terms that their actions will not be tolerated. We also begin negotiations for you in an attempt to resolve the matter. We have been very successful in getting the relief sought by our clients! If we are unable to resolve your issue without litigation, we offer you a significant discounted billable rate or a flat fee should you decide to take the matter to court.

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Do NOT wait to contact us because very often there are good arguments to get you out of the contract but you don’t know them or your ability to walk away from the contract is limited by timeframes set out in your contract. Contact us today.


The Jones Group DC's commitment is to provide personal, "hands on" service by having direct contact with our clients. Your first meeting will be with Ms. Jones, not an administrator or legal assistant. Contact us today to schedule a free comprehensive case evaluation.

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