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Elder Care & Disability Planning

Elder Care & Disability Planning

Caring for our aging and/or or disabled loved ones is a difficult and complex decision, one that should not be entered into lightly.  Each family has to evaluate a variety of factors in order to reach the best decision given their circumstances including finances, locale and resources.  While many people contact a lawyer only in a time of crisis such as when an aging relative suffers a major illness or injury, or passes away unexpectedly, The Jones Group DC encourages you to do so before an emergency happens.  During family health crisis, medical, financial and legal issues can be overwhelming for everyone involved.


Early prevention is a key factor to avoiding frustration and confusion.  We know that nothing can ever completely prepare you or your family for the difficulties that often come along with the aging process of those you love.  However, proper planning can provide much needed guidance and peace of mind.  Establishing a comprehensive estate plan is the best way to provide you and your family with peace of mind about the future.  Not only does estate planning help with asset protection through tax planning, probate avoidance and lifetime transfers, it may also reduce the possibility of a family members contesting a will or other legal between heirs that typically crop up when no will is in place.


The Jones Group DC will help you to establish an effective plan for your loved ones.  We provide comprehensive elder care, disability and estate planning advice and services to individuals and families in the DC metro area.  Your estate plan could include:

  • Last Will and Testament (which terms take effect after death)

  • Powers of Attorney (for financial and general needs)

  • Advanced Medical Directives (for health care decisions i.e., treatment)

  • Guardianship or Conservatorship (for a relative with special needs)

  • Trusts (various) which protect family assets and provide for family members who have special needs

  • Establishing and managing a lifetime of continued care or comprehensive Life Care Plan

Prompt Case Evaluations

The Jones Group DC is committed to creating an estate plan that addresses all of your family's needs. The Jones Group DC's commitment is to provide personal, "hands on" service by having direct contact with our clients. Your first meeting will be with Ms. Jones, not an administrator or legal assistant. Contact us today to schedule a free comprehensive case evaluation.