Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents


Whether you've been in a minor accident or have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another, injuries sustained from auto accidents can be devastating to you and your family.  Insurance companies have their own lawyers on staff to defend their cases, and often want to take cases to trial, instead of offering the injured fair compensation due to the negligence of their clients. This is usually the approach because they know that many car accident law firms are simply settlement factories, and don't want to take your case to trial.  Herself a survivor of multiple car accidents, Ms. Jones has experienced first-hand the many stages of an auto accident case from: 


  • initial impact,

  • pain and physical therapies, 

  • dealing with auto body repair shops and auto claims

  • missed work, 

  • reduction of sick leave, 

  • disruption to your quality of life, 

  • expenses related to treatment as well as the travel to and from treatment, 

  • trying to convince attorneys on the other side that your issues are real, 

  • up through case resolution.  

Ms. Jones was in her first car accident in 1989. Even though she was not at fault, she faced years of physical therapy and financial hardship from having to pay expensive legal & medical bills.  Her quality of life was forever changed and her limitations as a result have changed the way in which she is able to care for her family. Based on this experience, she has assisted many with their lawsuits against negligent drivers and their insurance companies to get the justice they deserve.  


Insurance companies are not “on your side,” and you are not “in good hands” when you attempt to tackle these multi-million dollar companies alone.  The Jones Group DC will provide the experience and professional expertise necessary to ease the pain and burden of obtaining full recovery. It is our responsibility to help you restore order to your life--physically, monetarily and emotionally--and we look forward to meeting the challenges involved on a daily basis.

Whether you are the victim of catastrophic injury resulting in loss of limb, permanent disability or disfigurement, or the lingering effects of broken bones, sprains or strains, the process and pursuit of a fair recovery is tedious, time consuming and frustrating.  The Jones Group DC will handle the complex and seemingly never-ending task of processing your claims, completing all necessary paperwork for payment of your bills, recovery for lost income and monies for pain and suffering.  We handle your first-party, personal injury protection (“PIP”) claims free of charge!  Likewise, we work out and resolve your health insurance companies’ liens without collecting any fee from you.  Sometimes, obtaining maximum recovery from the person at-fault is not enough.  Pursuit of compromise from all involved is our goal as we work to get the best possible net results for our clients.

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Prompt Case Evaluations

The Jones Group DC wants to assure your maximum recovery by being thoroughly prepared at every level to enter the trial arena.  Having earned a reputation as an aggressive litigator with an impressive track record, she will work to obtain a favorable settlement offer for you. Contact us today to schedule a free comprehensive case evaluation.